I have been drawn to mind-body wellness for as long as I can remember. I began my journey practicing martial arts in my twenties. As a working mom in my thirties I discovered Yoga. That first class would expose me to tools that would last a lifetime. Along with the physical gains, Yoga became a way to effectively manage the stress and anxiety that was negatively affecting my life. It allowed me to learn to let go and I keep learning every day. Amazed by the overwhelming benefits of Yoga, I decided to deepen my practice through intensive teacher training in 2001. Since then, I have practiced and taught Yoga to individuals of all ages and abilities. I believe your Yoga practice can remain a constant companion throughout all phases of your life. I specialize in teaching a gentle styled Yoga that is all bodies inclusive. In practice, I want others to lean into their capacity for self-compassion. I believe that what we need is already within us. I enjoy sharing Yoga in a supportive, authentic and light hearted environment. Angela is also a care partner and the facilitator for a local support group.